A postcard with QR code … a postqrd?

Guess the blank then flip and scan to reveal the answer.

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I’m scared, what is a QR code?

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of them, despite having been around for a while they have been much more popular in Japan and the Far East than they have in the West. They’ve been described as a bar code on steroids, a way of encoding chunks of information in a small space and making it easy for people to grab.

Like barcodes they need to be scanned but this can be done with most modern phones and QR scanning apps are easily available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Best of all the scanners are free to download so don’t be scared it’s fun, give it a go.


I think I get it … can I test it out to be sure?

Of course you can, first you’re going to need a QR Reader for your phone so the quickest way is to visit this page on your mobile and then click iPhone, Android or Blackberry which will allow you to download a free app for the relevant phone from the relevant store/marketplace.

I picked the first ones that came up in the search so if you prefer another one or want to choose your own QR app then by all means feel free.

Once you’ve got whichever QR app suits you best then take a look at the postcard below, I’ve made the QR code a bit larger and clear so it can be scanned from the screen.

Open up your QR scanning app and scan the code in the bottom right of the postcard by holding your phone camera near the screen till you get a result.

Hey presto! The answer is revealed.

Postqrd demo.jpg

Yay! I’m not scared, can I get some postqrds now?

Yes you can!

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