22 Responses to “The PI formerly known as Archer”
  1. Genevieve N says:

    Makes me want to watch the movie!


  2. Axton says:

    My first instinct with the fighting, the sexy silhouette, and the gun would be one of the James Bond films…

  3. Mattson Tomlin says:

    yeah, I really want to say man with the Golden Gun :(

  4. Axton says:

    Can we get a clue?

  5. ---- says:

    Sorry – late clue today

  6. Secam says:

    Point Blank–ahh, Lee Marvin

  7. data monki says:


  8. Axton says:


  9. data monki says:

    cool abstract version of the poster.

  10. Axton says:

    They made cool posters back in those days.

  11. Mattson Tomlin says:

    Harper Paul Newman

  12. Jeremy says:


  13. Anonymous says:


    - haleyX vader (trying to answer while driving on the highway)

  14. ---- says:

    Sorry xVader you missed out. If it’s any consolation I’m listening to your last fm.

    B-B-B-B-Bing! all done in 4hrs 46mins.

    I like this poster a lot – especially the knock-out punch on the bottom left panel. I do find the phrasing weird though.

    It’s like See Spot Run. Very odd.

  15. Axton says:

    Careful there haleyXvader. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to our star blank filler…

    Haha, i kid. But really, texting/internet browsing while driving isn’t safe (so says the PSAs).

  16. Anonymous says:

    you have a potentiel customer for the pistol or the two dead bodies

    bravo from marseille

  17. itpelaw says:

    Harper, of course.

  18. itpelaw says:

    Paul Newman wanted another H-title

  19. ---- says:

    Crazy isn’t it – I mean wanting all one colour of M&Ms is one thing but to change characters names so that the title starts with an ‘H’?

  20. Yelitza says:

    GTA3? I know that’s not a movie, but it sure looks like Grand theft auto. guns, women…

  21. MrPersonMan says:

    Smokin’ Aces

  22. ---- says:

    Nope. It’s Harper… sorry.