10 Responses to “Gottle o’ geer”
  1. Adam says:


  2. haleyXvader says:


  3. Genevieve N says:


    I really like this poster, very sinister!

  4. data monki says:


  5. Axton says:

    I got a chance to solve this one, so i guess that’s a good, but i am completely stumped. I’m just going to go with what i see:
    Creepy Puppet-Looking Boy with Frightening Blue Eyes.

  6. Axton says:

    *flabbergasted* What?! That wasn’t it?

  7. Sam B. says:


  8. ---- says:

    Ha – you’re on the right track with the puppet type thing though…

    Someone has actually given an answer for the last point – but since they did it anonymously I can’t really give them a point.

  9. ---- says:

    B-B-B-B-Bing! All done in 3hrs 23mins.

    Not mega abstracted really but I love the dummy too much to disguise it… such a creepy poster.

    Whereas the trailer was quite relaxing: