4 Responses to “Make a rug outta that”
  1. haleyxvader says:

    This one was tougher, I only figured it out after looking up the qoute you posted along with it – still won’t give the answer in case anyone else guesses.

  2. JPT says:

    The visual suggests a Thing/Yeti/Kong kind of creature. I genuinely had not heard of this film so i don’t feel like I can say it even though I found it from the clue. Nice to see something anthropomorphic along side all the geometry. I like the use of watery black and grey… of course the yellow, and turquoise blocks are in keeping with the others in the series.

  3. JPT says:

    ….creature…. from…. black…l..a..k..e…

  4. ---- says:

    Sorry yes – I see now… hidden message. Obviously a bit slow on the uptake there.

    That said…