20 Responses to “The mad people”
  1. oscillik says:

    The Rocketeer

  2. marykgo says:

    The Crazies

  3. Axton says:

    The Crazies

  4. Axton says:

    I absolutely love this poster. The colors are great, but the figure is what really makes this poster for me. He is abstracted to a series gentle curves, yet the face remains so eerie and alien.

  5. ---- says:

    Ha thanks… funnily enough I spent the most time trying to get the text right on the title… the type on the poster is so weird but I love it.

  6. Axton says:

    Also, if you end up printing this one in the next series, I promise I’ll scrounge up the money to afford it.

  7. ---- says:


    Hmm, now all I’ve gotta do is sell this series… well things are starting to move. I was kind of thinking about doing a horror series next time.

    Current contenders are:

    Dawn of the Dead
    The Shining
    Shaun of the Dead

  8. oscillik says:

    i was panicking yesterday when the shop wasn’t up at 15:30 bang on :p

    if you do The Shining, i’ll definitely be getting that

  9. ---- says:

    Yeah I was spinning plates yesterday – new blank, new shop image, post blank, open shop, add side bar links, post clue, pack orders, mail orders… collapse in heap.

    I sent yours this afternoon by the way. If yesterday was anything to go by it should be with you tomorrow morning/lunch.

    Let me know what you think. I was half thinking of starting a satisfied customers gallery on the shop and offer a little prize for the best pic each month.

    I need some sort of feedback thing.

  10. oscillik says:

    funnily enough i was planning on posting about your site, and the impending poster on my blog…was gonna get in touch with you and ask permission to post up a couple of the shots you’ve used for the shop (with all the posters in view)

    i’ll certainly be interested in contributing to the customer testimony :)

  11. Axton says:

    If you send me a poster I will gladly do any kind of advertising or testimonial you want. ;)

  12. Sam B. says:

    The Crazies

  13. ---- says:

    @ Oscillik feel free to post away… as long as it’s positive of course ;) .

    @ Axton First you want discounts now you want it free. How about I stick a bundle of notes in with it? Unmarked 50s OK for you? :)

  14. lajalousie says:

    the crazies

  15. Axton says:

    Well, I prefer small bills, but if 50s are all you have then I guess they will do.

  16. ---- says:

    Sheesh :)

  17. haleyXvader says:

    The Crazies

    Hopefully I’m not too late on this one.

  18. ---- says:

    Nope, you scooped the last point.

    B-B-B-B-Bing! in 7hrs 40mins – quite a tricky one!

  19. Axton says:

    Damn it HaleyXvader, i thought you were finally going to miss one.

  20. haleyXvader says:

    @ Axton Hahaha

    I’m trying my best to keep up my lead, you’re getting too close ;]