15 Responses to “Drebin in Space”
  1. data monki says:

    2001: A Space Travesty


  2. data monki says:

    I take that back

    Forbidden Planet

  3. haleyXvader says:

    Forbidden Planet

    You’re right it was a good one :]

    I like the Lt. Drebin reference.

  4. larsonfilms says:

    Forbidden Planet!!!

  5. Benwin says:

    Forbidden Planet

  6. Idris_Arslanian says:

    Forbidden Planet

  7. Sam B. says:

    Forbidden Planet

  8. Manel de R. says:

    Forbidden Planet!!! Oh yeah Anne Francis!

  9. Thomas J. Brown says:

    Forbidden Planet

  10. ---- says:

    @ Sam B. – one minute out…

    B-B-B-B-Bing! All done in 40 minutes.

    Incidentally I’ve been doing some working out and… if I post one blank… every weekday… then I hit 100 on May 22nd.

    So there will be Terminators in the cinema and a round one winner on this blog on the same day.

    I’ll start scoring again after round one.

  11. Thomas J. Brown says:

    Oh man, looking at the timestamps, if my computer hadn’t crashed, I might have made it! Alas.

  12. Axton says:

    Stupid zoology lecture getting in the way of my “film”ing in the blanks. *disgruntled mutterings*

  13. Mattson Tomlin says:

    can we sign up for text-message alerts at posting?

  14. ---- says:

    From now on I will try to post at 15.30 GMT – Mon-Fri.

    I hope will go some way to easing the pain :)

    I’ll post on possible ‘Monki Variations’ to ‘Axton’s Rules’.

  15. brandon says:

    poster poster poster poster!!!!!