20 Responses to “Good schooling, not”
  1. data monki says:

    Bad Education

  2. data monki says:

    or maybe:

    La Mala Educación

  3. data monki says:

    Btw, John, the “Data” that solved Lost in Translation is me. sorry for the confusion.

  4. ---- says:

    No problem, I was going to ask you because I thought as much – I’ve updated it.

  5. Axton says:

    Only one person has got this one? I guess everyone is as stumped as me, so I think we need another clue.

  6. Sam B. says:

    I’ve drawn a blank.

  7. JPT says:

    Bad Education

  8. ---- says:

    Hmmm. Surely that’s the point though – after the last one I thought I’d do something a bit trickier. It’s not mega-obscure or anything.

    I can say that the clue isn’t a quote it’s an ‘opposite pun’ on the title…

  9. davido says:

    La mala educación…Almodóvar’s film :)

  10. JPT says:

    i think that was pretty easy to be honest, but then again I love Almodovar, and I rarely get here in time these days

  11. Axton says:

    JPT gave it away, but I’ll go ahead and put this in there La Mala Educación

  12. JPT says:

    those of you sharp enough will realise he just used my post to give you another clue…

  13. Sam B. says:

    La Mala educación

  14. Sam B. says:

    Thanks JPT, btw.

  15. larsonfilms says:

    Bad Education

  16. ---- says:

    Ha – well that was fun.

    Right, in future no more second clues – I think people should have to work a bit. That said…


  17. Axton says:

    When i saw this one i immediately thought some kind of submarine movie. That just really looked like a view from a periscope to me. But knowing what it is now, i really like how the feet are separate and really stand out.

  18. Axton says:


  19. data monki says:

    Thanks, John.

    You know, this site helps me get thru the work day better. =)

  20. ---- says:

    Ha ha – surely the ultimate compliment?