23 Responses to “The Chowder Society”
  1. KingSloth says:

    Ghost Story …

  2. jeremy says:

    Ghost Story?
    The time has come to tell the tale…

  3. datamonki says:

    fright night.

    bill and ted’s excellent adventure?

  4. rufusrice says:

    Ghost Story. great job!

  5. amma says:

    Where’s the clue??

    I’m clueless today :p

  6. Lily says:

    Ghost Story.

  7. Robert says:

    wth is this

  8. amma says:

    ghost story! XD

  9. Axton says:

    Ghost Story

  10. Pooka says:

    Ghost Story

  11. datamonki says:

    ahh… hint

    ghost story

  12. Rob says:

    Ghost Story!

  13. Jamie says:

    Ghost Story. Never heard of it. Very cool poster, though.

  14. Rachel.Redhead says:

    Ghost Story!

    Whew – I needed that clue.

  15. Connie says:

    Ghost Story

  16. ---- says:

    Still two points left…

    Also I have to apologise, my poster is quite faded and yellowed – but I like those colours so I kept them.

    The real one should be black on white.

  17. Yaz says:

    … Too late?

  18. Genevieve N says:

    Ghost Story?


  19. ---- says:

    Awww! Sorry Genevieve you missed it by a minute.

    Right all the bings are binged… couple of multiple bings in there too and it was all done in 2hrs 13mins.

    Late clue today – I was at the doctors.

    Anyway better to let you stew with a tricky one for a while. Google makes the whole thing too easy :)

  20. Genevieve N says:

    Always a minute late =(

    There’s always tomorrow…