10 Responses to “Primm Valley Resort”
  1. Mattson Tomlin says:

    stretching here… Bonnie and Clyde

  2. haley x vader says:

    Bonnie and Clyde

  3. robac says:

    Bonnie and Clyde

  4. larsonfilms says:

    bonnie and clyde

  5. Axton says:

    Bonnie & Clyde

  6. lajalousie says:

    bonnie and clyde

  7. ---- says:


    Five correct answers in 2 hrs 08 mins.

    Sorry lajalousie, 8 mins out.

  8. Axton says:

    My favorite thing about this poster is the bullet holes, but I’m not quite sure why.

  9. Leeroy says:

    Mate, I’m sure you’ve had tons of positive feedback on these but I’d like to add mine n’all. These are f***ing awesome!
    (Please excuse the surf dude terminology which I cannot pull off)

  10. ---- says:

    Thanks for the bodacious compliment, dude.