9 Responses to “That’s why I’m considered weak”
  1. Sam B. says:

    Order of Chaos

  2. Axton says:

    Order of Chaos

  3. Thomas J. Brown says:

    Order of Chaos

  4. Diego Garcia says:

    order of c h a o s

  5. Mnlbcn says:

    Order of Chaos

  6. Shane Terry says:

    Order of Chaos

  7. ---- says:


    It’s a cool poster eh?

  8. ---- says:

    Sorry Shane – missed it by 10 mins.

    Quick question then… After two rounds of Axton’s Rules – do you think that fastest five is enough?

    Average time to get the first five answers has been around 2 hours.

    Do people feel that they want it open for longer – i.e more answers… top ten?


  9. Axton says:

    Of course i say this having been the beneficiary of the rules two times now, but I think if you continue posting new blanks around the same time every day (give or take an hour or so), the rules work well.