22 Responses to “Prehistoric Pris”
  1. Eddie says:

    Clan of the Cave Bear

  2. Genevieve N says:

    Clan of the Cave Bear

  3. Yaz says:

    The Clan of the Cave Bear

  4. Yaz says:

    Awesome apporpriation by the way.

  5. Gari Jo says:

    Could it be the Bond movie made in 1987? The Living Daylights? With Dalton and D’abo?

  6. Clan of the Cave Bear.

    Never saw the movie. Good book.

    (man, this is my first one in a while.)

  7. Jamie says:

    Almost forgot today, so probably too late.

    Clan of the Cavebear! Horrible movie, great poster!

  8. KingSloth says:

    That would be “The Clan of the Cave Bear” starring Daryl Hannah.

  9. JeremyH says:

    The Clan of the Cave Bear!

  10. Chris Reddaway says:

    Blade Runner

  11. JPT says:

    sadly i don’t recognise this one (not without a clue anyways), but I must say it’s a really beautiful piece of work John. Eyes, eyes… lots of lovely eyes recently.

  12. rufusrice says:

    The Clan of the Cave Bear. Nice Work!

  13. Lady T says:

    That is definitely Clan of the Cave Bear,starring Darryl Hannah. I was so into those books at one time in my life and not so thrilled with the movie version.

  14. Guy says:

    Clan of the Cave Bear

  15. JeremyH says:

    BTW…Not sure if I got credited for yesterday’s find, not sure how important that is. Also…would you like me to pick a different name since there’s already a Jeremy?

  16. Troy says:

    Is it Clan of the Cave Bear?

  17. This looks familiar, but I’m drawing a blank (heh). I agree: we need a clue!

  18. ---- says:

    Hey Sorry for the late clue – at the doctors… again.

    Still – I had a break yesterday and went to the vet for a change so it’s not all bad.

    Right… Ten Bings! in 2hrs 14mins

    Well done everyone – I haven’t seen the film or read the book of this one but I like the poster.

    Looks a bit Kabuki.

    To be honest I wasn’t sure about this piece I thought it looked a bit toss at first – but that might just be the mood I’m in today. People seem positive though and looking at it again now I quite like it.

  19. Yaz says:

    I think it’s one of the best ones so far – and that’s based solely on the poster – not my opinons about the movie or anything else.

    Just my opinon.

  20. ---- says:

    @ JeremyH

    Don’t worry – your name is fine it’s in the list now.
    You didn’t get credited yesterday because you were just outside the top ten answers – I think you were 11th.

    Sometimes there are more than 10 points awarded but that only happens when people ‘buzz in’ at the same time and share points.

    Hope that makes sense – I do make mistakes from time to as well so feel free to point them out :)

  21. JeremyH says:

    Ooo…You’re right. My mistake. I think when you mentioned me as a new person I was a little confused! I think I understand this game now. Thanks!

  22. ---- says:

    No problem, don’t worry, I’m easily confused myself.