18 Responses to “God only knows where I’d be without you…”
  1. ---- says:

    Sorry for the late post.

    Normality will definitely, definitely be resumed tomorrow.

  2. stuarty says:

    Enduring Love

  3. GtH says:

    Enduring Love?

  4. Devereaux says:

    Enduring Love, I think. Great work!

  5. datamonki says:

    Enduring Love

  6. pedro brito says:

    Enduring Love. Nice one.

  7. Rob says:

    Enduring Love.
    An excellent one- this had me erroneously racking my brains for a movie involving an ocean or the sea and a parachute from the sky!

  8. john butler says:

    fantastic voyage?

  9. datamonki says:

    Nice clouds!
    Just curious, what software do you use to do your work?

  10. amma says:

    Enduring Love

    I think its to late xD but anyway…

  11. ---- says:

    @ datamonki
    I use Adobe Illustrator to blank the posters and save them out as gifs.

  12. Genevieve N says:

    Enduring Love!

    What a toughy…

    Great job!

  13. ---- says:

    Ten Bing! All done in 3hrs 20mins.

    Well done everyone!
    Commiseration’s Genevieve you were 1min too late :(

    Sorry that things were a bit late – doctor day today and my flying visit / premiere wiped me out a bit… I’m afraid I fell back to sleep after breakfast :)

  14. This one is really fantastic. I love the clouds.

  15. Indisex says:

    Best blog EVAR!