Pigeons bob their heads to see it

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18 Responses to “Pigeons bob their heads to see it”
  1. Adam says:

    The Parallax View.

  2. adam says:

    death proof

  3. Rick Durham says:

    Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof

  4. datamonki says:

    The Parallax View

  5. Bryan says:

    The Usual Suspects

  6. max magbee says:

    The Paralax View

  7. stuarty says:

    The Parallax View

  8. Mike says:

    Burn Afer Reading

  9. Blake G says:

    The Parallax View

  10. Charlie says:


  11. Sherpa Tharkey says:


  12. cagey says:

    West Side Story

  13. Doug W says:

    Catch Me If You Can

  14. ---- says:

    B-B-B-B-Bing! All done in 44mins.

    Sorry for the late clue – I was at the doctors.

    Seems like a few people thought it was Death Proof/Grindhouse. Interesting.

  15. frank says:

    day of the dead

  16. claire says:

    inglorious basterds

  17. Adam says:

    Hmm, who is the second Adam that guessed death proof?! its not me, i got it right. Beware! imposters!