24 Responses to “They run. Get over it.”
  1. datamonki says:

    28 days later

  2. Adam says:

    28 Days Later.

    Good to have you back!

  3. henry says:

    28 days later

  4. srock says:

    28 Days Later

  5. Sandra says:

    28 Days Later.

  6. Lily says:

    28 Days Later

  7. Nick T. says:

    28 Days Later

  8. Banderas says:

    28 Days later

  9. Rachel.Redhead says:

    28 Days Later.
    Love this movie!

  10. ed says:

    28 Days Later (2002) ?

  11. joanne g says:

    28 Days Later

  12. ichimanben says:

    28 Days Later

  13. Connie says:

    28 days later

  14. Emperor Tamarin says:

    28 days later – bet Im too slow

  15. Charles says:

    28 Days Later

  16. ssp says:

    28 Days Later

  17. ---- says:

    Well done.
    Bing! Eleven of you managed to outrun the zombies.
    All done in 16 mins.

  18. Sam Morris says:

    Curse you Google Reader for updating slow. I actually knew this one…

  19. David Millar says:

    Knew immediately what it was, but saw it way too late. Nice title though – I wonder if anyone else got the reference? (Hardcore zombie movie enthusiasts argue that traditional zombies shamble, not run. 28 Days Later features runners.)

  20. Kim says:

    haha.. love it. For enthusiasts, Simon Pegg’s article in the Guardian on why zombies shouldn’t run, and why 28 Days Later doesn’t count (I think he’s just making excuses, but it’s a fun history lesson!):

  21. benay says:

    28 days later